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Leukemia Detoriates the Body 3
Leukemia Detoriates the Body
When it comes to a senior in high school, there mind is placed somewhere else or doing what normal high school students do but not Melissa Austin. Her senior year contains her worrying about her health deteriorating from leukemia that she's had all her life. She was placed under chemotherapy for several months but that seem not to work. Melissa requested for a bone marrow hoping it would better her health but the hospital main goal was to aim at complete remission. This book taught me a lesson that death of a loved one is hard to face, but with friends and memories, that person will never disappear in one's life. Character Analysis

When it comes to all the charcters in the book I would have to say Melissa is my favorite character. Melissa is a person that is defined as a strong young women, because even though she has leukemia she is still fighting and holding on for her life with all her might. Now the character that I leasted liked was Mrs. Austin (Jory's Mother), she was too much of and controlling parent for me . She was always telling Jory how to live her life and what to do and what not to do. I mean its right that she telling her daughter whats the right path to go down and which one is not but somtimes we have to lesson from our mistakes and don't repeat them over. Disease Research & Current Treatment

In the book Melissa body is deteriorating from leukemia that she has been suffering with all her life. Leukemia is a type of blood cancer that makes the body produce an extreme number of abnormal white blood cells (Peacock, 2000). This deadly disease affects the circulatory system and blood. Its best to know if...
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