Letters to the Editor

Topics: Housing, Knitting, Daily Mail Pages: 4 (763 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Letter 1: Approval of Developement

Mr C. L. Ever
The Daily Mail
22 Stock Market Street
Jonaburg, Free State
23 March 2012

Dear Editor

The lead front page story on 25 March “ Green Light for Green Acres in Green Fields” refers to the approval for the new mixed industrial and residential development in the suburb of Green Fields.

Many residents of Green Fields have been fighting the Green Acres development for years and will probably continue to petition and crusade against it. I personally feel that they are short sighted and naïve.

Those against the development fail to see the long term advantages for Green Fields, and they definitely can't have studied the plans for the project.

Green Acres will consist of housing for most income brackets, shops, a cinema complex, two schools, a hospital, places of worship for different religions and the list goes on. Within all of this there will be space zoned for light industry and small businesses and office parks. Spread throughout this will be a green belt which links three parks. This is not a city that will grow in any erratic way, but rather a well planned, co-ordinated live-work-play space about which the residents can feel proud, and in which they can live comfortably.

It will be a place where Nelson Mandela's “Rainbow Nation” can live the dream. Rather than taking away the heart and soul of Green Fields, the new development will become the heart of the community. A place where work is a short walk or bicycle ride away (think of the health and environmental benefits), where children can play safely, where people can gather with a common interest, where property prices will increase and where people will start to call their neighbours their “friends”.

In a world of ever increasing prices, unemployment and crime we have become insular, isolated and fortressed in our own homes. We have forgotten our rights enshrined in our constitution. Green Acres can change this mindset by providing a...
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