Letters to Friend

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Dear kero,

It feels like it has been such a long times since the last time we saw each other even though it's only been a few weeks . So far my spring break has been great.

During the spring break , I were going on two weeks with one of my best friend in Boston. He is a very kind person who looks out for others.
In the beginning of the spring, We went to Dedham,the city that's next to Boston. We were lucky so lucky at this times because of the weather was really good. It's not that cold and not that hot.We stayed at the home stay around a week and a day. My host family were consisting of the old lady that's name Peggy and she were hosting two students before we arrived there. She's very kind women,

Towards the middle of my spring vacation, We were looking for american high school for next semester. But poor us, most of the schools got fully enrolled for next semester. So we tried to contact the rest of the schools that we knew from our friends, relatives or family. And finally we found out that one of the school that's called "The newman high school" still opening for enroll next semester. Lucky us that Peggy used to be the principle of the language school before, so she suggested us a lots of stuffs to prepare.

We have been going to the News burry street, Havard university as long as I remembered. We know the best places for sight seeing. Where all the best rides , which park is the best. On day though while we were planning our next trip we decided that which days will we going back to EF. And we decided to stay in Boston for four more days in the hotel. It was a wonderful experience that we went there, walking around the city with my friends having just a map in my rucksack.

Even though my summer was loaded with activity, it still seemed like a long break. After spending so much...
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