Letter to the President

Topics: High school, School, Education Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Barack Obama
The President
The White House
Dear Mr. President,

I am in an understanding that you are in support of making the already long school years even longer. I see some of the points that the people of the United States have come up with but to be fair, the school years are already fairly long and stressful for the students. Being a student at the time being, I can speak for many students and say that the school year is long enough. We go to school nine out of the twelve months of every year with short breaks. Those breaks are there to give not only the faculty a break from dealing with all of the students but also to give the students a break from the constant work load that is put on them five days a week, for high school students, seven hours a day. If that is not enough, then I do not know what kind of schooling that you had. The amount that is already required is more than enough. For the school year to be longer, it would be an overload for kids and even adults all over the country. If you plan to extend the schooling in the years to come, take a look at the amount of adolescents that have already dropped out; then imagine what the numbers would come to if the school year was extended from ten months to year round schooling. I am no expert but in guessing, I would say that the numbers would increase. Also, it may give kids all around America a better chance for education and be able to give those who cannot afford schooling a better chance but I myself say that if I had to go to school year round, I would rather be home schooled. That way, I would be able to have the breaks I need when there is an excessive amount of work being thrown at me. In the real world, yes you cannot just take a break whenever a person wants to but it gives students a chance to be able to relax and not be loaded with stress before they go out into the work world where there are no breaks and there are no “spring breaks” or “winter breaks”. As kids and young adults,...
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