Letter to the Minister of Education

Topics: Term, Time, University Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: March 6, 2011
Friday, the 13th of January 2011
To his Excellency the minister of education
Dear minister,
    As the minister of education I am aware that your input has been involved in the decision towards raising university fees. This controversial decision has upset many students, as the ridiculous change which involves fees of up to 25 thousand dollars a year, will result in negative consequences for all of us. As a student of 16 years of age studying at Mont La Salle my aspiration is to develop my education further to degree level at university, however, your poor decision is crushing this dream. As a lower class individual if I cannot get myself a degree, then my chances of getting a job are poor. This means I am not able to support myself as an adult.  I am sorry to say, but I am sure you are aware that this weak decision has disgusted the mass majority of the student population and the riots are only a small proportion of the anger being felt by many of us. I believe I have a duty as a passionate student to bring attention to this highly disputable matter so that something can be done. I am very aware that you may not have the time or the power to make a change but I would appreciate it hugely if you had the decency to consider the complaint.      If you raise university fees you will be damaging the future for a whole generation of students. I acknowledge the fact that you have intelligent individuals making these decisions but sometimes these people overlook important issues and forget how everyone else will be affected. I understand that the fees are being raised in order to support the country due to the world recession; however these changes will only have a short term effect. In the long term you will have thousands of students who couldn’t get a decent job because they couldn’t go to university and as a result they will be applying for government benefits in order to survive. Therefore the government will find itself paying out millions of dollars in order...
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