Letter to the Editor

Topics: Bullying, Sociology, Social work Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: February 18, 2013
3rd September, 2012
Dear Editor,
I fell frustrated about the recent spate of cyber bullying worldwide. The rosining situation in Hong Kong is unacceptable. Cyber bullying can cause both physical and psychological damages to the victims. This problem must be tackled, and I believe that there is more than one way to skin the cat.

To begin with, education is an important step in order to avoid cyber bullying. Most cyber bullying cases happen to both primary and secondary students who suffer from cyber bullying by their schoolmates. Internet is a powerful tool, it can spread information to every single corner of the world in seconds. Such an useful tool can also ruin one’s life in minutes. Therefore, teaching students how to use the Internet wisely is a must. Also, teachers, parents and even the mass media should bear the responsibility to teach youngsters to care about the others’ feeling, but not to build their own happiness on others’ sadness selfishly.

Secondly, encouraging the victims to seek professional help can stop further harm. According to a survey conducted by an evangelical group, about 60 per cent of secondary students said they would not seek help when bullied because it would be futile. However, the group’s social service division coordinator who led this poll said that not seeking help can bring serious results. A young man was filmed misbehaving in public. The footage was made public and netizens began to track him down on the net. Unfortunately, he did not seek help, and this depressed him so much that he tried to kill himself. He could avoid having such a bad ending if he sought help from the reliable people such as his parents and social workers. It is important to seek help in such attacks because victims need an outlet to ease their frustrations.

Finally, parental care can help prevent the occurrence of cyber bullying. Teenagers without parental care may hide themselves and make bad friends. Social worker with...
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