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Letter to Someone

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  • April 2006
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Dear Rosaura,

Hi, I saw that you got invited to your friends birthday party. That is cool especially because it had a monkey and magician. I'd love to learn some new tricks myself and to actually hold a monkey. I hope you enjoyed it, because I know I would have.

The real reason I am writing to you is because I saw that you are somewhat ashamed that you are the daughter of a maid that cleans your best friends, Luciana, house. I saw this when you told Luciana's cousin that you are a daughter of an employee. I know that your mom said to say this, but why not tell her cousin the truth since she kept persisting? You may feel that you may get teased but you have to have pride in yourself as well as your family. You will have stand up for yourself and realize just because your friend is rich and happy doesn't mean that you have to be rich or unhappy. Believe it or not, I know a few rich people who are unhappy because basically they have everything they ever wanted and now they are bored. Life will be hard and I know because I am experiencing it as well, but keep your head up. Things will get better sooner or later. Don't let your friends or others talk bad about you just because your mom is a maid, she has to make ends meet just as your friend's parents do as well. Also, your friend, Luciana, knows that your mom is a maid, and does she treat you badly because of that? Do you think she treats you bad because you're not rich? It doesn't seem like she does, so just ask yourself those questions and keep good pride in yourself and family.

Lastly, be thankful of the family that you have. Don't be ashamed because you are not rich or that your mom is a maid. Be happy that you have a house to go to, a party to attend, and food to eat. No matter what anyone says, life is not easy but make the best of it.

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