Letter to Pedro, U.S. Citizen, Also Called Pete

Topics: Psychology, Speech, Linguistics Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: September 29, 2012
1.Who is the one speaking in the poem, or who is the persona? The persona in the poem by Rene Estella Amper represents one who has taken notice of the contemporary problems in his hometown. 2.Who is the persona speaking to?

The writer of the letter is speaking to Pedro/ Pete, his old friend whom he had shared plenty of childhood memories with. They both buried a cat, Simeona, together. They shot birds with slingshots in the summer. Pedro/ Pete is now an American. 3.Who or what is the subject of the persona’s speech? And what is the purpose of the persona’s speaking to his addressee? According to (Logronio & Lumayno, 2008), the persona talked about the socio-political problems of their hometown. He wrote to Pedro to inform him of the developments that were taking place in the town and how these advancements altered the simplicity and beauty of the town and affected the townsfolk. He mentioned the destruction of the forests to make way for the feeder road and how this event in the modernization of their town affected the farmers. He also revealed the vices that the farmers were slaves to. He cited the behaviour the people displayed in church. He flippantly discussed how women became more acquisitive. He was also able to imply that colonial mentality was operative in the minds of the people when he stated “remember us to your American wife, you lucky bastard” and “P.S. Tasyo, the old goat, Sends your lizard his warmest congratulations”. The persona also meant to confront the problems at hand. 4.How does the persona’s language make us experience the poem in a sensually and emotionally intelligent way? The persona writes the letter very simply just like one from the province would. His wording is quite conversational. One may imply that he was indeed talking to an old friend whom he knew very well (http://droolmaxtor.multiply.com/).
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