Letter to Newlyweds

Topics: Marriage, Interpersonal relationship, Love Pages: 5 (1944 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Letter to Newlyweds
Rosemarie Velez
Com200: Interpersonal Communication
Prof. Megan Pope
March 25, 2013

Dear Newlyweds,
It has come to my attention that you have been seeking advice to keep the love alive throughout your marriage. I may say I am no expert but my research has given me the advantage to help you out. As a couple you should practice ways to keep your marriage alive; managing interpersonal conflicts, learning the importance of listening, and learning how to intact your emotions and speak to one another is what will help you understand one another. I will section these main points for you so that you will understand more. Managing interpersonal conflicts

The reason being that it is important to manage interpersonal conflicts is because you want to make sure that issues are being resolved, you never want to have a disagreement about something and never come to a common ground in the situation it will only cause tension and make things worse. Based on a website I have found that gives relationship advice, it is said, “People have varying degrees of comfort with conflict. Some prefer avoiding it at all costs. Unfortunately, those costs tend to increase the longer issues are left unaddressed. Therefore, learning how to manage and resolve conflict is to your benefit”. (Life Tips, 2013). From this statement it is clear that there are couples who put very serious issues in the back burner and when that occurs the issue becomes long term. That is why you must learn how to manage your conflicts and instead or yelling at each other it is best that you speak calmly.

Something else that involves managing your interpersonal conflicts includes understanding the other person. “Attempt to understand the other person's point of view. Dismissing the other's views, assigning blame, and exclusive focus on your own perspective are all counterproductive.” (Life Tips, 2013) When communicating with your partner about something it is clear that your feelings are not the only thing that matters. You must be able to put your views aside and listen and try to understand why your partner feels the way they feel. Being understanding is a step to making things better because once you both understand the others point of view than you can come together as one and have a common ground on the issue. Develop strategies for active, critical, and empathic listening

When communicating with your partner is listening, not hearing, listening. Some partners say that they are listening when they really aren’t. When talking things out paying attention to what your partner is saying or how they are feeling is important. The reason why it is so important because when you are not listening to your partner it becomes an issue. “One of the most neglected interpersonal communication skills, and a core competence we must master to be an effective communicator, is listening. You cannot understand others, respond appropriately to what they say, and provide helpful feedback if you have not listened”. (Sole, 2011) This is a statement that completely backs up to what I just said. Listening is a big factor in communication in a marriage or in any relationship in that matter. You have to give one hundred percent to keep that relationship healthy. Listening is the act of hearing and interpreting the message being conveyed from another person. Many couples get together and stop listening to one another. All they do is hear. Hearing is not enough if a couple wants to remain together. (Diggs, Angela, 2009) In this statement that is found in an article that was posted on Helium.com Diggs stated four reasons why listening is important and they were; keeps relationships together, helps develop intimacy in connection, shows respect and healing to relationships. I hope that these four reasons why listening is important can help you two to always listen to one another.

Emotional intelligence and its role in effective interpersonal relationships Being able...
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