Letter to My Mentor

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Energy, American football Pages: 1 (452 words) Published: July 9, 2011
This is a letter to someone that I am proud to call my mentor. My definition of a mentor is someone you can look up to and try to emulate regardless of the topic. GySgt Alberson is the Marine I have choosen to write about because he leads by example. This Marine though our incounters have been few always left me with new ideas or words to live by. On day back in 2005 the communication’s platoon decided to play ultimate fresibe for fun and leave the invitation open for anyone who wanted to play. Only a few Marines showed, so we split teams and began to play. Every Marine to include myself was noticeable not giving 100% because it was just a game to us. As the other team had just scored and we were walking back to the end zone, this SSgt whom I had never meet comes over to me and said “Keep your feet moving, never give up”. I thought about those words all night as they played over and over in my head. I didn’t understand how something so simple as not running back to the start point could make the SSgt get alittle angry at me. It later dawned on me that it didn’t matter what you do, you always give maxium effort. Those words have stuck with me every since. We had very few encounters after that do to work cycles and deployments. However the our last encounter is one I will always remember. After a 160 SOAR training meeting myself and GySgt Alberson got into a conversation about the way 1st MSOB work up cycles go. As a communicator I was telling him how easy it is using some of the new communications equipment and that we hardly ever use the recon communicators “bread and butter” High Frequency (HF). He began explaining to me how important it is to not forgot about the small things. He told of the importance of utilizing skills or they would parish. He came up with the idea of using only HF during the work ups as the primary source of comm instead of using the way too easy to use SATCOM. Although GySgt Alberson is a inflatry Marine he was still teaching me...
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