Letter to Movie Director

Topics: Middle Ages, Close-up, We Will Rock You Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: December 12, 2011
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 28th August 2010

Mr.Brian Helgeland
Movie Director
100 Star Street
Hollywood 90210

Dear Mr. Helgeland,

 My name is Samantha Stubbs .I am currently attending Kawana Waters State College, Australia , in grade 9.This term we have been studding the Middle Ages. We chose to analyse your film and review about our topic .I’m writing this letter to inform you about ‘’ A Knight’s Tale’’ and thought it would be appropriate and interesting for a teenage audience.

It was a fun interactive movie and also educational. I liked it how you connected medieval time with also the modern times. How you used medieval Crops, Setting, Characters and the modern music, clothes, language and make-up. How all the elements symbiotically connect it altogether that made our emotions and mind get lost in the imaginary world. As I teenager myself I find that most teenagers like comedy,romance,action and thriller in the usual movie' s. You started off your movie with a popular song called ''We Will Rock You'', it gave the movie a extra dimension to it. The setting was set back in the Middle Ages that made is realistic but had a modern music twist to it. It intrigued us to watch more with the excitement of the crowd in the jousting stadium clapping and singing with the music. It was nicely set out with the Wealthy people high in the stands with chairs and the poor people standing up below. The costumes were very real as well with the wealthy wearing colourful clean clothes and the peasant with dirty plain clothes. At the very beginning there is humour display when Wat bites William and says'' now you see how bloody hungry I am''. It set the spark off.

We mainly focused on the last final jousting event which was the highlight of the whole story. Sir William Thatcher fighting for his love and to change his stars against Count Ademar the bad knight trying to get the same girl as Sir William Thatcher. At the point there was different camera technique...
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