Letter to John B. Watson

Topics: Psychology, John B. Watson, Behaviorism Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Letter To
John B. Watson
Dr. John B. Watson,
I am a student attending the University of Phoenix
thru an on-line class in psychology. I am working towards my bachelors in psychology and have read quite a lot about you and your work that has contributed to so much to the field of modern day psychology.

Personally I am impressed with your education as you entered into the field of psychology. At the age of 16 entering the University of Furman and graduating by 21 with a Masters degree, then at the age of 25 going on into the University of Chicago, there working under John Dewy, James Angell, and Henry Donaldson, before receiving your Ph.D. in psychology. Five years after you received your Ph.D. in psychology you were selected to be the professor of comparative and experimental psychology at John Hopkins University were your ideas formed your views, ideas, and theories that would later become known as the branch of psychology known as behaviorism. Your 12 years at John Hopkins University were the most academically productive of your life, making you a pioneer in behaviorism. To me, this was all a great accomplishment for such a young man.

I did notice that in your early years your study’s chosen were animal behavior and this intrigued me as I am also interested in Ivan Pavlov’s experiments with the salivating dog, and have read you were too. Later though you changed to the study human subjects, I wondered how far, working in the interest of science,...
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