Letter to Joey Franklin for Working at Wendy's

Topics: Virtue, Relational model Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Dear Joey Franklin,

I read your story and there was a few things that hit me throughout this passage. A few of them being the sense of honesty and humility you hold, the honesty towards the people you work with and the general awareness and involvement to those you got to share this time of your life in close relation with. The genuine interest you expressed towards your co-workers truly assisted in the theme of community being portrayed by you in the narrative.

I would like to particularly shift focus on the moment in the story when Danny came to you, throwing himself humbly into an organic relational situation in which you expressed a deep level care and genuine modesty for helping him with his troubles. Not only did you cover his shift over the weekend so he could attend the date with Tonya; but when he came to you asking for advice on how to ask her to prom you gave him the incredibly thoughtful response to quote Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet. Beyond this, you actually went home and printed it out for him so he could fully utilize your advice in winning his crush over.

This goes to show that your temporal unfortunate experience of working at Wendy’s has effected more than your life in a positive way. I am very fortunate and happy to have been able to read your account of how sacrifice and hard work; along with investing in the relationships you were given in your situation has effected not just your life, but the lives of the people you worked worked with.

With much regard and sincerity, Max Nelson
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