Letter to Editor

Topics: Academic degree, Higher education, University Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Bindiya Gugnani
Professor Anne Doyle
Moodle Assignment #1
Letter The Editor
The Huffington Post
Dear Sir/Madam
This letter is to discuss about the topic that is it worth spending bunch of money on higher education and college degrees. No doubt education pays well in our whole life and it is necessary to achieve some level of education and it is the thing to be share not to be sold, but now the cost of education is increasing at alarming rate. People started making money out of this. It is worth to spend money on education but over spending is of no use. There are many people in this world who hold master degrees with good grades but still unemployed then what is the use of spending so much. Spending so much gives individual just stress because students taking it just as burden to study as they are spending so much on it, they do not study because they enjoy but they do it because they are bound to do that. College education is just increasing debt on students and fear of job that whether they will get deserving job after spending a lot on it. It is true that cost of all the goods has risen but the cost of education has been almost doubled in a decade. Spending on education is said to be an investment but who knows will that investment bring any profit later on. Many students remain unemployed or do jobs which is not related to their fields or the degrees they did then what is the fun of spending money on that education or degree which you not going to use in your professional life. Students attend college not because they want to but because they have to, as it is the believe of society that receiving higher level of education helps one to take wise decisions and helps to earn a good job, so everybody is following each other and some attending colleges because their wants that no matter is it paying them back or not. This is just the trend of society and everybody is following it. I...
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