Letter to Director

Topics: Mobile phone, Social network service Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: March 27, 2013
I believe that G. Briggs has a reasonable point in his letter regarding teenagers spending most of their time with technology rather than breathing in fresh air and living their lives to the fullest by stepping outside the house. Nobody wants to take out a pen and paper every time they miss their friend and want to write to them. It’s so much easier to email them. Now, computers are so advanced that you can know what is going on half way around the world or the house next door in a matter of seconds. Computers are faster and much more efficient. In my opinion, I believe it’s not the teenagers that are constantly with technology, the technology is constantly with them. Technology is a vital part of our lives as it is resourceful; everybody in today’s society has something to do with technology, Young or old. Technology gradually gets better each day with new things that are introduced to the market. It is obvious that Teenagers who spend most of their time on computers lack interest in outdoor activities. Just about anything you can do, has the capability to access technology. “Ages 8-18 spend seven and a half hours a day on the computer according to the New York Times.” Considering there is 24 hours in a day that is a long time to be on the computer. Also, this does not count for all those hours texting or talking on their cell phones, so technology really does seem like it is taking over our lives. The world is at our fingertips, with a computer. He has a fair point. G. Briggs has a fair point but that’s as far as I agree with him, the rest of his letter in also known as ‘A Bit Too Far.’ As he states, “Social networking, it seems appropriate to report all your daily comings and as if you were a member royal family.” I think teenagers have a right to post what they feel like on social networks such as Facebook, twitter etc. It’s harsh to shut down all access to these sites. Some teenagers express their feelings by words that our shown to others whatever the...
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