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Topics: Apple Inc., Rechargeable battery, Lithium-ion battery Pages: 23 (6910 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Jessica Bierman Phone: (301) 794-8663
Chief Executive Officer Fax: (301) 794-8665
Leading Global, Inc. jbierman@globalinitiatives.com 4604 College Avenue www.leadinglobal.com
College Park, MD 20740

Mr. Dan Riccio
Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering
Apple Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

Dear Mr. Riccio,

It is common for people to forget to unplug their products on a daily basis, yet they are often surprised how expensive their electricity bills are. I am, among many consumers, addicted to my Apple devices and always feel compelled to buy every Apple product in the market. With increased dependence on portable electronic devices, like many Apple products, we have also seen a dramatic increase in total energy consumption. As people become more reliant on their devices, the need for longer battery life has also increased. For years, customers have experienced battery defects in a variety of manufactured products. My company, Leading Global, has created a smart charger that automatically disconnects electronic devices plugged into the outlet after the device has reached its maximum battery potential or is in stand-by mode. As Apple is one of the lead innovators in this industry, this would be a beneficial addition to your product line. This would give Apple an even greater competitive advantage over their competitors. My plan is to create a partnership with Apple. As a graduate student from the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, I know my academic background will prove useful to successfully managing a partnership. Together we will combine our available resources to produce the best quality product for Apple to sell to its customers globally. I will go into detail throughout this report to illustrate the potential for this product.

Background and Goals

According to the latest research conducted at Stanford University, it is estimated that approximately four billion dollars a year is wasted due to poor charging practices (Chan par. 4). In fact, that money is coming from energy consumed when empty chargers are left in outlets. Research indicates “almost all the electronics we use consume electricity even when off or idle, and even when fully charged” (Chan par. 3). Consumers, particularly business owners, are constantly busy and need to charge their devices on a daily basis. In order to power small and lightweight devices, Apple uses lithium ion batteries to hold a longer charge, providing convenience for users, since they no longer have to wait for the battery to completely discharge (Christman 88).

By forgetting to unplug chargers from outlets, “the intense rise in temperature caused by the short circuit caused the flammable liquid inside the battery to ignite” (Christman 90). Incidents of minor burns, explosions, and even fires from lithium ion batteries overheating in laptop computers, cell phones, digital cameras and other portable devices have led Apple to recall 1.8 million batteries on August 24, 2006, affecting “1.1 million batteries in the United States and 700,000 more globally” (Christman 91). In 2010, Apple was unsuccessful in its effort to expand its product line, promote social responsibility and raise profits by selling a charger for reusable batteries that senses when its batteries are done charging and automatically reduces the amount of power it needs (“The Energy-Efficient Way To Power Your Accessories” par. 1). According to recent discussions on Apple Support Communities on the company website, Apple customers have complained about experiencing the same battery defect of overcharging in the Apple’s newest products, the iPhone four and five, that they experienced with Apple’s older products, such as the iBook G4, PowerBook G4 laptops, and MacBook Pro laptops (Apple Support Communities).

Often times, customers calculate and compare benefits and costs of a product to determine whether or...
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