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  • Published : September 6, 2011
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Dear Residency Program Director,
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Briana Furch in her pursuit of a residency position in your program. I met Briana during the spring of 2011 when she came to Jackson Park Hospital as a 4th year medical student for one of her elective clerkship. During that time I found Briana to be a very hard working and delightful student who showed a significant amount of interest in learning. She is an aggressive student who thinks on her feet and is always thinking of the next step. Briana has a vibrant personality and took an active role in history taking and physical exams across a wide spectrum of patients ranging from adolescents to geriatrics. In addition to perfecting her H&P’s, she took advantage of every opportunity to enhance her clinical skills in regards to suturing, starting IVs, reading labs, radiographic films, and performing rapid diagnostic tests i.e. incision and drainage, throat cultures, etc. Through the course of her rotation with me, I watched her perform all of her responsibilities with confidence and professionalism beyond what is expected for her level of training. Briana is a very mature and humble individual who is able to work well with her colleagues, superiors, and patients alike. Jackson Park provides healthcare to a diversity of socio-economic levels in Chicago, and as I got to know Briana, I found that she effectively and comfortably communicated with patients and had a quality about her which ensured the patients she was compassionate about their healthcare. Her ability to quickly adapt to a new environment was remarkable. I know Briana’s desire is to become a physician and I find her to be well on her way. I can personally compliment her ability to manage patient care across the entire age spectrum along with her decisiveness in executing assessments and plans. I was and continue to be impressed by Briana’s ambition in pursuing medicine. On her own time, she has...
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