Letter of Recommendation

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Letter of Recommendation

By | September 2013
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Letter of Recommendation

I know Mr Hatim Kapasi since last 4 years as a student of S B Jain Institute of Technology, Management & Research Bachelors in Electronic & Telecommunication Studies Programme. I have taught him5 subjects namely Strategic Management, Special Studies in Marketing, Service Sector Management, International Marketing and Retail Management over a period of 3 Semester’s. His theoretical understanding of the courses is very good and he has shown very good results.

I have found Mr Sayed Riyazto be a highly committed student who is single- minded in his pursuit of academic excellence. He has not only been outstanding in academics but has also performed well in extra- curricular activities. He has got an impressive personality. I was also impressed by hisleadership qualities and the ability to act decisively whenever necessary. He is very attentive and well-focused on his objectives.

I see Mr Sayed Riyaz as a person with a very positive and sincere approach to studies and it is likely to extend to all other aspects of his life. It also spells a potential to contribute positively and substantially to any profession he chooses to follow. I am sure that these essential qualities will ensure success in his Master’s programme.

I recommend him strongly for the same with all the possible financial aid. I wish him a continuation of his rising curve of achievement into his studies and his work.

Prof. Arun Poojari
Chief Coordinator

Letter of Recommendation
It is a pleasure to write a recommendation letter for Mr Riyaz Sayed. The following information would help introduce him as well as convey my wholehearted recommendation that he be admitted to your program. Without a doubt Mr Riyaz Sayed is one of the finest students that I have ever taught. He is extremely intelligent and hardworking and excels under pressure. I taught him a first year subject of Business Mathematics, second year subject of Research Methodology and third year...

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