Letter of Recomendation

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To Whom So Ever It May Concern

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ms.xxxxxxxxxx who has been working in my organization from 2004 till date as a Management Executive of our company.

As _______________of xxxxxxxxx, I had various opportunities to observe her and comment on her capabilities. Ours is manufacturing unit based in xxxxxxxxx, making lustrous carbon additives and refractory coatings for the Foundry Industry. Besides that, we also trade in related foundry consumables from different parts of the world.

xxxxxxxxx was actively involved in most of the administrative activities of the company. She was also involved in the trading activities such as procurement and logistics of specific products of the company. xxxxxxxx has displayed excellent organizational skills while undertaking these tasks. It has been a pleasure to observe xxxxxxxx working hard and striving to meet deadlines and schedules to keep the customers happy. She is a very responsible individual and strives very hard to achieve her goal.

She constantly interacts with her colleagues and other staff members and the feedback that I have received from her fellow co-workers was very positive. She is very focused and makes sure that the task is completed at the given time. Her jovial disposition adds light to certain difficult and stressful situations at work.

Although she has learned a great deal from her peers while on the job, an MBA will enrich the theoretical aspect of her professional knowledge, and further refine her analytical skills. She needs to learn to take more risks at work and set apart from conventional paths. She must also inculcate a stronger spirit of aggression. She has reached a plateau where her chances of an ascent would be strengthened by a Master’s degree.

I highly recommend xxxxxxxxx for the program at your university because I sincerely believe that she will excel in the program if given the opportunity, as at this stage a master’s degree is very important for his career. It will equip him with the necessary skills to succeed in this competitive era. She has proved her potential at xxxxxxxxx, and I am confident she will do the same at any university where she plans to pursue her Masters degree. I highly recommend her admission


(Signature & Company Seal)

To Whom So Ever It May Concern

I am the head – Sales and Banc assurance (Wealth Management) – Insurance, in xxxxxxxxx. I am based in Mumbai and am responsible for the Insurance profit center that includes the Bank’s relationship with xxxxxxxxx, our partner in this sector. xxxxxxxxx has around 500 people stationed in various branches of the Bank, dedicated to this partnership and they all report to me. Around 100 of these are located in the Western region that has Mumbai as its headquarters. xxxxxxxxx is one of these 100 and is based in Mumbai.

I interviewed and recruited xxxxxxxxxx almost two years ago in February 2004. He was appointed as a Junior Financial Consultant in Mumbai. The Western Region is led by an Area Sales Manager (ASM) who has 5 Senior Financial Consultants (SFC), 45 Financial Consultants (FC) and around 50 Junior Financial Consultants (JFC) reporting to him. The JFC is normally a Graduate/Post graduate with around 2 years of experience and xxxxxxxxx was a member of this peer group when he joined. Based on his performance and the leadership qualities he exhibited, he was promoted twice in one year and has been a Senior Financial Consultant since August 2005. He is a serious contender for a Sales Manager’s post as soon as a vacancy occurs.

I don’t recall any other case in my 10 year association with our Insurance division, where somebody has been promoted twice in such a short period. While we may have recruited him at a junior financial Consultant because of no experience in Insurance, his elevation has been due to his performance and the strong leadership qualities he...
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