Letter of Opposition for Embryo Harvesting and Freezing/Genetic Manipulation

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Religion Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: April 26, 2013

Letter of Opposition for Embryo Harvesting and Freezing/Genetic Manipulation

Grand Canyon University
February 3, 2013

Letter of Opposition for Embryo Harvesting and Freezing/Genetic Manipulation
Embryonic harvesting and freezing is considered an ethical dilemma and morally unacceptable. Karen Capato reserved sperm for in-vitro fertilization posthumous and reared twins as a result. In this instance, technology was used after the death of a spouse to create life posthumous and the use of such is considered an act of God. “The Bible mentions in its parables that we should not to disrupt a life” (E. Horning, personal communication, January 31, 2013). Manipulating genetics interrupts the natural process of life in God-like actions, regardless of the term in pregnancy and shouldn’t be performed.

Research offers advancements in technology that takes ethics to a new level and can be seen as bothersome by some. Legality issues even arise from such dilemma’s, as in the case of the Capato’s, where the Supreme Court “struggled to align modern reproductive techniques to a federal law written in 1939” (Barnes, R. 2012).

Four interviews were conducted in relation to this ethical dilemma. The first was held with a health administrator, Suzie, who is the manager of an Operating Room, with nursing experience within this profession for the last 15 years. She is a practicing Orthodox Christian and her worldview about embryo freezing for future implantation is met with opposition. She believes it is ethically and morally wrong and all things happen in life according to God’s plan. Embryo’s, in her opinion, are considered a human being and concern is relayed upon the destruction of any unused embryos, with her belief being that this would be an intentional killing of an individual (Suzie, personal communication, January 30, 2013).

Laurie, a friend, was also very resourceful with the conducted...
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