Letter of Negligence to a Company

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Co. Clare,
4th March 2010.
Complaints Section,

Dear Manager,
I am writing to inform you of a dreadful incident that occurred due to your company’s negligence. Yesterday was my 14th birthday and I was having a wonderful birthday party. That is, until disaster hit! I was munching contentedly on my Cadbury’s cream egg when suddenly I bit down on something hard. I heard a cracking noise and immediately blood came gushing out of my mouth. With the blood, came something small and sharp. On closer examination I realised it was a sharp stone and it had left a deep gash in my back left gum. In this instance, I have no doubt that your company is completely at fault and that due to your staff’s carelessness I am a very distressed customer. There are a number of reasons for my dissatisfaction. Firstly I am left with a deep wound in my gum which required 4 stitches. Secondly there is a danger that I may have contracted a serious infection due to the bacteria on the stone. Finally my party was destroyed not only for myself but also for my friends, as my parents had to rush me to the local hospital. As this is a very serious matter I demand an immediate apology. I also expect a full refund and adequate compensation for this terrible inconvenience. If I do not receive a prompt, satisfactory response to my complaint I will have no alternative but to contact the local and national media. I trust this action would not be in your best interests, therefore I’m quite certain you will not ignore this issue. Looking forward to your prompt reply.

Yours sincerely,
David Egan.
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