Letter of Motivation

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  • Published : November 11, 2011
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As a student, who studies Physics, I am curious about various physic phenomena, and always willing to see the newest and the most mysterious phenomenon. This was my motivation to leave Vietnam and Russia to join Erasmus Mundus program Nanoscience & Nanotechnology to learn more about physics, quantum physics, nanoscience and nanotechnology. My curiosity and love for physics lead me to concentrate mainly on mesoscopic physics, quantum coherence transport of electrons, quantum dots and graphene. In addition to these theoretical knoledges, I also acknowledge the importance of practical skill in using preparation, ranging from top-down, like e-beam lithography, dry etching techniques to bottom-up ones, like self-assembly and characterization techniques, like AFM, NanoSEM, or Raman spectroscopy to equip myself for my future career in nanoscience as a physicist. In the next few paragraphs, I will show you how experienced I am in using some important techniques used in experiments with graphene, and also present briefly about my academic success during the last two years.

Firstly, I have a lot of experiences in using e-beam lithography thanks to my Master thesis, which concerns with long range proximity effect in ferromagnetic materials. For this thesis, I have to work daily with different sputtering, etching systems and especially with e-beam lithography in clean room to prepare samples for measurement at low temperature. Working with this state-of-art equipment is both exciting and challenging. It is exciting, because with this kind of equipment, I can write a structure as small as 50nm, or even smaller. And in nanoscience, all objects have a size in nanoscale. Therefore, mastering in using this equipment is the most important key to go further in academic career in nanoscience and nanotechnology field. And now, before ending my thesis, I can say that I use my time in the smartest way to learn as much as possible about e-beam lithography, both in how to use it,...
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