Letter of Motivation

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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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There are several acute reasons below which I have decided to apply for this position announced in the official website of the World Bank Group, which can make relevant decision to the admission committee in evaluating procedure my wholly my perspectives. 1.0 Throughout my professional career I have always worked hard to expand my knowledge in Finance, banking system, and also in domestic economy throughout my experience period as well as internship jobs. It has always been strong motivation for me to enlarge my experience all round as much as I can. My three years working experience has been mixture of Private and Government Organizations in terms of micro and macro levels. I have worked a year in Leasing Company which was named “Hamkormazlizing” as a position of credit analyst gives my understanding real business principles in terms of investment, portfolio and credit policy. Therefore, I have spent two years in State Committee on Statistics Republic of Uzbekistan, and Tashkent region Statistics Department as result, these two years gave me to obtain remarkable working experience in a country terms which influenced me to think as economic point of view to which are occurring in the current global economic situation. Surely, this three year acquired experience can help me to accomplish tasks which may set up by my future Mangers. 2.0 I have been very active in attending to the international seminars and conferences which was hold by representative offices of international organizations in my host country. As example, Most relevant of them which was named “Credit Analysis in Leasing Transactions” organized by International Finance Corporation (IFC), Federal Department of Economic Affairs (FDEA), and State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) helped me to expand my professionalism in international perspectives as well as inspired to work in international area. Moreover, having attended in volunteer program named “Ozone Action Program” organized by...
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