Letter of Motivation

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Letter of Motivation
I was born 27 years ago in a desolate small mountainous village named Darazinda which is situated in rural area of Pakistan herein called FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Area of Pakistan) where the trends of getting education were almost extinct, but I am fortunate enough to be the son of the father who is a Veterinary officer, whose professional influence contributed to my personal motivation to become well educated and asset for the motherland. The said goal induced some inner incentives which led me to engineering orientation and lastly to the magic of Civil engineering. The passion towards Civil engineering did elicit from the fact that my native village was neglected from daily life facilities like, roads, bridges, water supply, railways, hospitals etc I did realize their values in my student life and consequently , I utterly infatuated with this profession. Therefore, I did Civil engineering from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (Pakistan) which is famous for its Department of Civil engineering; the education I received from my teachers is at once comprehensive and in-depth, encompassing all the important field of Civil engineering. Apart from core courses as construction of Buildings, Barrages, Dams, Bridges, Water Supply etc I have been very interested in courses relating to management and planning like Infrastructure planning and management. This is not only because they are indispensable to Civil engineering but also because they contain the kind of erudition and cogent logic that simply fascinated me. Furthermore, I realized the mastery of such course will boost-up my knowledge and will prepare me to examine and troubleshoot the Infrastructure related problems of my own country. The reason for choosing Germany for Master degree is due to its fair foreign policy, outstanding education system, ranked amongst the top coveted Universities, and unique culture notwithstanding. It is therefore believed that by pursuing...
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