Letter of Motivation

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Letter of Motivation

I can still vividly recall the memory of the day I saw the labs of Wastewater Treatment department in membrane bioreactor workshop program at collage three years ago. The testing equipment and procedures interested me a lot. As a sophomore at Chemical Engineering Department, University of Tehran, I was looking for a different path in my field, other than petroleum and petrochemical processes, where I could help to alleviate environmental pollution. I found a keen interest in water and wastewater treatment. Therefore, I worked towards and secured a place in the wastewater treatment research team. Since the Chemical Engineering Department of University of Tehran has one of the most competitive and rigorous Wastewater Treatment programs in Iran, interested students are required to prove their eligibility in small projects. Once I joined the research team, I was assigned a project regarding the separation of micro-organisms and heavy metal ions from water. Meanwhile, for the remainder of my undergraduate study, I followed the environmental courses such as biotechnology processes and environmental engineering, where I worked on a number of minor projects partially involving water quality topics. Gradually, I reached a broader view on water engineering subjects, thus, driving me to direct my efforts more towards water resource engineering and management. About Undergraduate study, I feel is not a denouement of what I call a journey towards excellence and competence. Graduate study a sequel to undergraduate study opens up newer avenues to explore and gives one a wider range of career objectives. My schooling at elementary and high school has given and excellent command in basics of mathematics and science and more importantly ignited in me strong interest in engineering. I believe that In this ever-changing world of engineering and technology, there has not been enough attention towards the environmental ramifications of new industries and...