Letter of Intent

Topics: High school, Barber, Writing Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: March 20, 2013
March 20, 2013
Tristian Green
3039 Blackwell Dr
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70805
Dear Ms. Wilson,
Letter Of Intent:
The general area of interest for my project is barbering. This topic was chosen because I actually enjoy cutting as well as styling hair. I have had experience cutting hair in some forms because my stepfather went to barbering school and he taught me some of the useful traits he acquired while in Cosmetic school.

Within this paper I will include the history, responsibilities of a barber, types of education needed to become a licensed barber, good and bad aspects of this career, and other interesting yet relevant facts. I plan to use Wikipedia, encyclopedia articles, and other websites as sources for information. The one question I want answered is what does a barbers pay depend on? My paper relates to my project by further explaining the content and the amount of concentration needed to accurately trim someone’s hair. I’ll prepare a video detailing the proper way to set up equipment, sterilize clippers, and line hair. This video includes my stepfather and little brother. The video is relatively short but contains all the needed information to fully understand what goes on in the workplace. Plagiarism is presenting someone else's work as if you created and wrote it yourself. This work could be written text, images, artwork, computer code or mathematical formulas. If you do not provide references to the source of the ideas or data you have used, then you are presenting someone else's work as if it is your own and you have plagiarised. At Tara High, plagiarism is regarded as a type of cheating and the repercussions of such an act will be the entire assignment is scraped and the student is given no marks for it. This letter is to confirm my willingness to participate in the senior project of a career portfolio that will be a partial fulfillment of the requirements needed for English IV at Tara High School. I understand that failure to complete...
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