Letter of Intent

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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I am writing this letter to express my interest in the Community Service Volunteers international program in the United Kingdom. I came across this organization while extensively researching online about volunteer programs abroad. When I found the CSV website it immediately spark my interested and I found myself wanting to learn more about the program. That is exactly what I did and found that CSV would fit my interests very well. The first reason I would like to do this program is because I believe volunteering to be an amazing and rewarding opportunity. I have experience volunteering in high school, undergraduate university as well as outside the school setting and every time it is a new experience filled with enjoyment. What I have found is that not only do the individuals/organizations you are volunteering for benefit but also, the person benefits by providing their services. There are so many people who need help around the world that may not have the money or resources get it themselves. By volunteering, I can provide that help and I think that is a wonderful thing. Furthermore, when I come across someone who is need of some sort of help I think to myself, “What if that was one of my family members or even myself?” I know I would want help and would appreciate anyone who is willing to offer that help. Also, by volunteering abroad I will be able to learn about another culture and perspectives through interacting with the people receiving services. Another reason why I would like to participate in CSV is I love to travel. From an early age I had the opportunity to travel. My mother was born and raised in Japan and this has given me the chance to travel to Japan many times. These travel experiences grew to a passion. I believe this early exposure instilled in me a love for new places and people. The reason why I enjoy traveling is because I get to experience things I would not have if I did not travel. You get the opportunity to experience a new culture...
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