Letter of Engagement

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Dear Ariana,

The Holiday Helpers are excited to partner with Tabor Children’s Services’ to increase its connection with the Philadelphia community. We recognize the importance of the Holiday Food and Gifts Program, which strengthens families and the community that supports them. It is our mission to increase participation in Tabor’s Holiday Food and Gifts Program, designed to ensure that each child receives a gift and a special holiday meal. We hope to add at least one more significant Tabor donor by the end of this semester-long project.

In order to achieve our main goal, The Holiday Helpers have generated a specific vision. We will begin by visiting the Tabor branch in Philadelphia to give us a firsthand understanding of the organization’s mission. From there, our mission is two-fold: to connect with various organizations interested in Tabor, and to raise awareness through social media marketing.

The Holiday Helpers plan to directly request support from a wide range of organizations, working to secure new business partners for Tabor. The team has compiled a preliminary list of organizations to present to Tabor. Once approved, an assigned outreach committee will begin interacting with businesses. The committee members will write an official outreach letter (pending approval) to present to each business in conjunction with other supplementary materials provided by Tabor. The committee will work together to formulate an elevator pitch, which will be tailored to different businesses. Once businesses express initial interest, the committee will work to foster a sustainable relationship.

We also plan to use social media to raise awareness among individuals in the community. Facebook and Twitter will serve as useful mediums to generate awareness for Tabor via updates, photos, and success stories. Lastly, we will always keep you updated with routine e-mails, as we value communication as much as you do.

Communication, resilience, and ambition are the...
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