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  • Published : July 25, 2012
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I do appreciate you taking the time to address my current concern with your cell phone service. I have been a loyal customer for many years, with no formal complaints though as of lately the issues I have been experiencing with your service have come to no resolve and I feel it is necessary both on my behalf as well as all customer’s in my area, to address the lack of dependability that your company provides.

As a businesswoman, it is imperative that I be able to use the service on my cellular device. For the last two years the service issues that I have experienced have grown dramatically. The most frustrating issues that I have had to deal with are dropped calls and the delay of voicemails for many days to my cell phone. When I reach out to customer service for assistance, a resolution is never set up to improve the service. Instead of attempting to provide relief, representatives appear to read a script stating that this is the first they have heard about the issue. When my clients do not hear back from me for many days, it reflects poorly on the way that I run my business. It is one thing for a company to not provide service on it’s own behalf, but it is unacceptable to affect the ability for another company to perform.

At this current status of our economy, it is especially important to separate myself from the competition in my field as most individuals will choose a company that can provide dependable service for a cost effective rate. When my communicative service is not suffieient, regardless of how low my cost is, customers will chose the company that can effectively take care of their needs in a reasonable amount of time. When I am unable to respond to my customers in a timely manner, I lost competitive edge and will not be able to maintain a loyal clientele.
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