Letter of Complaint

Topics: Contract, Restaurant, Nutrition Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: October 11, 2011
European Agency For Refugees
82, Amarganda road.
Kampala 21111. Uganda.21th September 2011
Lt. Jones.
Fast Food Company.
50 Lion road.
Kampala 23330.

Dear Sir,
I am writing to convey to you that the service your company has been providing has worsened substantially during the last three months. Firstly, the quality of the food has decreased considerably during this period. This fact has been noticeable since you change your main supplier. Over these three months, fruits and vegetables have almost been eliminated from the menu, including an important amount of frozen food instead. Not only have these facts undermined the quality of the food, but it will also affect the health of our personnel in the long run. Secondly, there have been several complaints regarding the cleanliness of the dining facility. These complaints were previously reported several times, but your company has always argued that it lacks personnel since some of them left the company. This seems to be a major problem, since it has been reported a plague of cockroach. It can be argued that, had your company invested in personnel, these shortcomings would have been solved. It would have been desirable that you had hired personnel replacing those who left the company; this measure as well as a raise of the salaries would have prevented workers looking for another job, thus it would have enhance the standard of the service as well. I regret to inform that there has been a clear breach of contract; therefore, our agency has decided not to renew it. However, and in order to avoid a massive dismissal, employee would have been granted a job in the prospective food service company as long as they fulfill all the requirements. Thank you for your service.

David Martínez
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