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Students’ Records Information System

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Ronnie Tambong
Jeffrey Padernal
Transha Hanne Arlos
Hannah Tifanie Basal

SY 2012 – 2013
In this study, an automated record management system to manage students’ school records is to be developed. This is a result of the realization of the need for an efficient and effective automated system given the incompetent nature of the manual systems in place vis-à-vis the dynamic nature of information technology and the wide array of information needs. The system is to be implemented using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Express Edition, Microsoft word processor, Microsoft access, and Structured Query Language developer Edition. To identify system requirements the observation and interview methods of data collection were used. The study identified the major problems faced by the use of manual filing systems to manage students’ records and attempted to solve them by developing an automated students’ records management system. Recommendations such as user training, parallel system conversion and anti-virus update installations will ensure smooth functionality and system availability. This project will act as a fundamental guide or tool to management in system evaluation and decision making.

Our life is governed by our created technologies. However, even those who are far-flung area also governed by modernization, and we as an institution should awaken ourselveson how to make our task very easy way thru the use of computers that had been created by programmers and software engineers. As an Information Technology student it is our duty to give ease to our clients by the aid of computers. Technology has taken over all industries from automobile, food processing and even production houses, how the education system can remain untouched. In the absence of any such software, there are too many difficulties in keeping records manually. Presently, most of the offices, managements, and even institutions use computers in storing and retrieving data. Only few among the users really understand what actually their computers could do. Computers make our works easier. Through computer; it is now possible for us to see the world, even our future in a different way. It really changed and transformed our lives, on how we communicate, how we work and learn things. The Registrar’s office is the busiest office of the campus. A lot of transactions happened there particularly in the Releasing of TOR (Transcript of Records), Report Cards, Posting of Master list of students per year and storing students’ information. The manual way of operation is being used in issuing the above mentioned records. The group wanted to change it into computerized system. 1.2 Problem Statement:

1.2.1 General problem:
It is known that the Registrar’s Office is the storage of all records and it is a busy workplace. From time to time there are clients asking for their records and sometimes the registrar get hard time to locate it and will take several hours to find it. 1.2.2 Specific Problem

1. In requesting the TOR, the Registrar spends time in accomplishing a request. 2. Manual system keeping of data makes the office space bulky. 3. Scanning of students’ data is consuming hours.

4. Other data sometimesare overlooked.
5. Printed hard copies are prone to dust, rats, and termites. 1.3 Objective of the System:
1.3.1 General Objective
This study will develop a computerized Students’ records information system that would provide speed, accuracy and effective way of giving student information and improve the quality of Records Keeping. 1.3.2 Specific Objectives:

1. The System will be composed of convenient modules of setting. 2. Modules will be designed to be user friendly which the user can reach directly without any confusion. 3. This system will be designed to save the time and reduce...
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