Letter of Apology

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: May 28, 2011
Title: Letter of apology




11th May 2011

Mark Morgan,
P.O BOX 1254,
11th May 2011.

Dear mother,
Am hoping that you will get to read each and every word of this letter, because I want you to understand the reason I sent you that hateful and despicable email last Sunday. I now feel that I should have told you earlier (when I was young), how I felt in a respectful manner, and maybe I could not be carrying this hatred. Last Sunday was the Mothers day, where each and everyone was appreciating their mothers, by sending them sweet messages and also buying them beautiful cards. This made me feel pure hatred because for the last sixty years I could not do the same because I felt that my mother did not deserve to be appreciated. I was tempted to write a sweet message but I could because I was worried that I couldn’t get a reply like “thank you my son or that’s sweet” and I was so angry at myself because I was acting like a teenager . Then I decided to write down inform an email listing all the bad things that you have ever done to me. The list was quit long and I could not believe that I could remember a lot of bad details, especially that you got to remarry many times and up to date I don’t know who my real father is, and the ‘other fathers’ did not care so much about me. Also I realized that we have never celebrated my birthday, or do anything special for me during that day, and I on the other side was supposed to wish you a happy Mothers’ day and also do something special for you, this made me feel more hatred for you. I have always felt that I have never been the son you have always wanted to have. After I had written down all the ugly words and insults I could find to describe you, I decided to read that message again to see if I had missed some important points. By the time I was through with re-reading, I felt that no mother in the world deserved to be told what I had written in that message. This...
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