Letter of Advice

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Emotion, Conflict Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: January 11, 2012
Letter of Advice
Stephanie Skidmore
Com 200: Interpersonal Communication
Katie Decker
September 19, 2011

Dear Samantha and Billy,
Congratulations on deciding to get married. But before you make the big step let’s discuss a few things. Good communication is essential to a healthy marriage, I will be giving you advice on how to effectively use interpersonal communication between one another. The information that I am providing you with please keep it and utilize it throughout your marriage. Effective interpersonal interactions are essential in life. Interpersonal interactions influence everything including your happiness of your friends and family. The process of building a relationship with someone is not always smooth and trouble-free. (Sole, K., 2011, Section 9.1) Three common communication problems in relationships stem from the following behaviors of one or both parties: (1) silence or refusing to communicate; (2) placating, which means to soothe or calm someone by being nice or by giving in to demands; and (3) playing games. (Sole, K., 2011, Section 9.1) Many people would say they have good listening skills. Many people love hearing themselves speak. Below are some strategies you could learn to have a better understanding of active, critical, and empathic listening. Some of the strategies you could use to better understand active, critical, and empathic listening are: Repeat what is said, write it down, maintain eye contact, and provide non verbal cues. Avoid outside distractions and always ask questions. In doing all of these listening strategies you can develop better listening skills. Effective listening starts with one’s self. You could possibly learn something about some things about others as well as yourself. Emotional intelligence is the ability within a person to control and perceive emotions. This concept plays a big role in relationships, it will make or break you as an individual. (Maria IIyas, 2011) I recently found an article in EZine...
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