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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Outline: Can I have a minute of your time?
Dear Joe and Sara, I am writing you because I wanted to send my congratulations, as well as give you some advice to help you in your relationship. I know that you may or may not have thought of the importance of communication however I wanted to let you know that the key to a successful relationship lies in how you communicate as well as how you understand what is being communicated to you. I have read and utilized a majority of what I am about to share with you. 10 minutes is all it takes to have a successful relationship.

Joe I am writing this to give you a blueprint for a successful relationship I want to first of all make you aware that it is not a perfect thing. You will not be perfect but you have to be a minute man. 10 minutes to be exact. First as a couple you should focus on communicating at least 10 minutes out of the day. This is going to help you with keeping down the conflicts that may arrive within your relationship. Within this note I am outlining what I am looking to focus on as well as give you a baseline for success, now with the information that I am giving you. I will use myself as well as others that I know as examples within the different situations. But like I said previously and you will hear throughout. It is all about communication, if you have it and you receive it. You are doing well. .

Understanding the impact of gender and culture on interpersonal communications. Joe and Sara, some of the issues that can cause a breakdown in communication stems from who you are where you came from and what you have experienced. Per my previous statement I am going to speak to these issues that we do not think about when we are looking to get married. However the key is communication and what you interpret as being communicated to you. In the book: Gray John, “Men are from Mars Women Are from Venus” It is a discussion of how you can communicate with your mate. Though I know that there will be times when you will want to jump off of a cliff because your significant other has taken something you said in the wrong context but you will need to deal with it. Really deal with it. For example as a man we think differently. I know this because I am a man. So using my relationship as an example, I will speak about a situation that I had with my wife and how the fact that I am a man had a lot to do with where things went wrong. I was sitting in the basement (Man cave) on an early Saturday afternoon, when I was heard my wife yell down that she needed me to run an errand. I said ok! At the time she was pregnant with my first born and was in pain all day. She was not in the shape to be running back and forth to the stores. Which is the reason why I was asked to run errands for her. I have answered her in regards to her wanting me to run the errands and yet I have not heard what or where I am supposed to go. So what would you do? I was enjoying the solitude the basement was giving me from an uncomfortable pregnant woman. So there was no rush, I answered yes to her wants. I thought that my job was half over since she asked and I answered. That was far from the case. She wanted to speak to me face to face and ensure that I understood what she needed. Now you probably feel like I did in the sense that hey I answered no big deal. But as coming from her perspective she wanted to feel like I heard her not just hear that heard her. Huh? What? Yes exactly. The breakdown is that what she said and what she wanted was being communicated differently and I only heard half of it. This has much to do with myself being a man as much as it does my exposure to her communication style. I have been communicated to all my life very simply. For example if you want me to take the garbage out I will take it out on my own time. If you would like for me to take the garbage out right away, say it. These are very simple things but often over looked in the way we communicate. Like I...
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