Letter of Advice

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Letter of Advice 1

Letter of Advice
Mary Ann Witt
COM 200 Interpersonal Communication
Noemi Roberts
May 9, 2012

Letter of Advice 2 Letter of Advice Dear Jim and Dorothy,

Communication is the key to a happier and healthy relationship. Communication is when we share our knowledge, thoughts, ideas and feelings to another person. Interpersonal communication helps us view ourselves and the world. It also helps us share our happy and not so happy moments in life. When you become more aware of your views on your culture, how behavior affects your life and language, you become more understanding of the choice you make when you communicate with people. To become great in interpersonal communication it takes practice in your everyday life each time you interact with people (Sole, 2011). Before you enter into a new life as husband and wife, I will give you some words of wisdom to help you continue to grow as a couple, be able to communicate effectively and be able to overcome the storms that may come throughout your relationship. You both as a couple should use interpersonal communication effectively in your relationship by employing five tools I will discuss in this letter. Understand how perceptions, emotions and nonverbal expression affect interpersonal relationships:

My first advice to you both is to understand how perceptions, emotions and nonverbal expression affect interpersonal relationships. “You can improve interpersonal communication skills considerably, though, by paying attention to your own nonverbal behavior and those of the people with whom you interact” (Sole, 2011. Sec.5.4, Para 1). There are suggestions on increasing your awareness on this topic of communication. You can first ask someone to observe

Letter of Advice 3

You while socializing. Ask that person to give feedback on the tone or pitch when you speak, how body language while speaking is and your eye movement. Also pay close attention to your vocal and visual behavior. You can ask yourself a few questions that I will address shorty to determine if you are giving the other person your full attention or if you are communicating effectively. Ask yourself does your vocal tone distract your verbal communication or disrupt your message. Also ask yourself if you make eye contact with people during a conversation. Is your body posture open and friendly or do you seem uncomfortable or not interested. “Nonverbal communication is defined as communication of a message without words, which means that it encompasses a wide range of vocal and visual signs and behaviors” (Sole, 2011, sec. 5.1, Para 3). Throughout our whole lives we express our thoughts and ideas through language but, we also express those thoughts through nonverbal gestures. For instance, your voice, eyes, face body posture, movement and hand gestures, “nonverbal messages are usually more believable and more reliable than verbal messages” (Sole, 2011, sec. 5.1, Para 3, 5). Nonverbal gestures tell you a lot when you are having a conversation with someone. When you both communicate with each other throughout your relationship it is best to pay close attention to your nonverbal gestures because, you do not want your significant other to feel you are not interested or not listening. When you analyze your communication, practice, and observe others, you can improve nonverbal communication and increase your interpersonal communication (Sole, 2011). Nonverbal expression can affect your interpersonal relationships. To communicate effectively you want to show...
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