Letter from Telemachus

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  • Published : June 3, 2008
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Dear Father,
The situation in Ithaca is not one that I am proud of. I wish as prince of this beautiful country I could do something about it, but I am still a boy and cannot accomplish the great things that you have. Suitors have invaded our palace. Mother and I have tried our hardest to show hospitality but it is starting to become quite difficult. They continue to eat our food and drink our wine. They all want Mother as there wife. I do not believe it is because those vile creatures love her, but that they would like to rule over your, and one day my, country. Mother has agreed that she will make a quilt and when she is finished she will choose one of the suitors to be her husband. Father I hope with all of my heart that you return before then. Mother told me of her promise to you, and although I do not yet have a beard I am determined grow one. I hope that you have not forgot about us. We pray to Athena everyday so she will make your journey home a safe one. There is one thing you may not be aware of I am afraid, Grandmother has taken her life. She was so full of grief over losing you that she had taken her life. I would like to come and find you, because I am one of the few who still has hope that you are alive. Mother’s love for you has not faded, so I hope that yours has not either. It upsets me to watch her be so lonely. I would like you to know that if you do not return home I plan to be as great of a ruler that you were. I know that one day I will make you proud. Your son,

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