Letter from Death of a Salesman

Topics: Logic, Argumentative, Happiness Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: September 21, 2008
Dear Mother,
I am writing you from the Loman’s house after a week of being here. I am partly writing to you to entertain you, and I am also hoping you’ll explain to me that the Loman family will be alright, because I am worried of how they interact with each other, especially with Linda.

The house has been quiet for some time now, with Linda staying at home and keeps accounts, and mend stockings. But since Willy has returned home from a business trip, there has been arguments going around. Willy seems like he always lost in his own thought and only listens to thing he wants to hear, and whenever someone tells him to something he does not acknowledge, then he either tries to silent him or her. Willy is really paranoid, and is often in a state of irritable vulnerability His reaction to feeling threatened is either to argue or to run away, and since he feels threatened pretty well all the time, he does a lot of both.

The relationship between Linda and Willy seems almost contradictory, and I don’t understand why he treats Linda like that. Willy depends on Linda and tells her “You’re my foundation and my support,” and how he misses her when she is not there, but he seems to keep a certain distance from her. And he is continually resist going to bed when aunty tells him to come to bed, and sometimes I would hear him talking to himself. And once, I heard him say, “the woman has waited and the woman has suffered,” and I’m always wondering if he was referring to Linda.

Willy is often impatient and abrupt with Linda, always complaining bitterly to her. Like when she bought a new type of cheese, American instead of Swiss. I’ve also notice that he does not let Linda participate in a rare moment of happiness with their two boys, Biff and Happy.
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