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Dear Mrs. Caggiano,

I read the book "Catching Fire" and it was very fascinating and mind blowing. "Catching Fire " is about a young girl named Katniss who has won the recent Hunger Games and goes back home victoriously. What she doesn’t know is that her decision to suicide with Peeta in the last Hunger Games created a thought of rebellion throughout all the districts. After finding out about the outbreaks of rebellions, Katniss realizes that she must either escape or fight for everyone's life. Which will she do?

The author of the book is Suzanne Collins and she has written many series including the "Hunger Games Series" I think that she is the greatest novelist I have ever seen. She does many intriguing things in her books and they catch you off guard. You will find yourself attached to this amazing novel within the first few pages.

One thing she does is she uses intense detail in her writing and she allows me to picture the scene in my mind clearly. For example, "His hair dark and curly, those gray Seam eyes bright, and even dangerous" That allowed me to imagine the awe in katniss' face as she glanced and the boy. I was able to picture him with a decent amount of detail and the type of character he would probably look like. Another example is "Peeta looks up at me, his brow creased in thought" That quote from the novel allowed me to picture Peeta anxiously wondering about what to do to survive through the rebellions.

The second thing I noticed in "Catching Fire" was she is able to describe a character based on their surroundings. For example, "The mood this year is very different from last years, when the Game Makers were half drunk and distractedly picking at their tidbits from the banquet" I then realized that the Game Makers weren't really the brightest of people and that they rarely thought about their decisions. That could only mean one thing: The Hunger Games were created and...
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