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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Dear Andy,
How are you? I am fine but very busy with my assignments. At times, I feel that I do not have time to go back home these few weeks. The life in campus is extremely busy until I don’t have time to go for sports and entertainments. As committee in some clubs, I have to do my tasks and attend a lot of meetings. Some more, assignment is too many that I have to sacrifice my sleeping time to finish them and hand in on time although I know that this is kind of unhealthy lifestyle. Moreover, because of my poor result in MUET , I have to attend English lesson and also a compulsory elective course WUS, I have to manage my time well. For the course WUS, we have to form a group of 5 people to start our business. Therefore, I have to busy together with my teammates to find supplier to provide us stocks. Besides, I think that the most boring lesson here is the laboratory session. Sometimes, I totally no idea with how I was going to conduct the exercise as shown in the laboratory manual. Anyway, I have to work hard and understand the experiment I am going to conduct. How is your life going on there? Is it as busy as I am? I know it is different kind of life compare to our secondary school life, hope you enjoy your life too, and also looking forward for a gathering during this coming mid semester break. Okay, time to busy again, just stop here, bye.

Your sincere,
Hoe Teng
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