Letter 3 : What Is an American?

Topics: Islam, European Union, Human rights Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Situated between Indian and Thailand, Burma is a southeast Asian nation

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Burma has a population 75 million with the Muslim population being just 0.7 million. The Burmese Muslims have been under this affliction after 1962 when the Army usurped the power in Burma. It all started on 3rd June 2012 when 11 innocent Muslims were killed by the Burmese Army and the Buddhist mobs after bringing them down from a bus

Over 500 Muslim villages have been incinerated hither-to. Thousands have been exterminated. Yet all the human rights organizations have maintained a criminal silence up till now.

This is not a new thing or an unprecedented massacre. Muslims have been a subject to such hostility even before. If we go through the annals of history we come to the very tenable conclusion that Muslims were always on the suffering side. Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. This leaves behind a big question mark. Why are the followers of such a peaceful religion being oppressed from time to time?

TURKEY is the first Islamic country that concerns about burma Muslims   he is there to talk to Burma's government, Masha allah! the women who cries is the ministers wife who meets there with Muslim Women. J.R

ts not about not about religion, its not about nationalism and its not even about racism, its just about humanity ! If you have got humanity in yourself, and if you're not even capable of showing it off, just don't go against it !  The question to Budhists is just that does their religion teach killing other religion believers ? 

If so, then you are the only terrorists, not those innocents that have been getting killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan by NATO and those drones, NATO should come there in Burma to eliminate terrorism from there if humans are being killed by the wolf and pigs(animals) there, and if not, then just at least be human and show up your humanity ! And i guess the maximum has forgot that what humanity actually means,...
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