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Alyssa Gallardo
April 24, 2013
English 102.005
Erin Woltkamp
Protecting Our Students is Priceless
I remember sitting in my second grade class on September 11th 2001, watching the news and not understanding what was going on. Our principal was walking in and out of each classroom making sure all of the students as well as teachers were remaining calm. While people often equate 9-11 with the downward spiral of the world, such disasters have been occurring long before this horrific event. Since 1980 there has been no substantial increase in the amount of overall mass murders and killing sprees in the United States (Plumer); however the number of killings in schools has rapidly increased in the past two years. Although it is not clear why schools have become a new target for criminals, it is more important to focus on how to keep the children safe rather than looking for the cause. Thinking back to that day in the second grade, I could not image how I would feel if there was someone on campus trying to hurt me, especially knowing that there was no one close by to protect me. How can we ensure the best education for students if they fear for their safety? It is necessary to have a trained armed guard on school campuses nationwide to act as a deterrent to dangerous people who may want to cause harm. Criminals are determined; when they have a plan of destruction, nearly nothing will get in their way. This is why having trained armed guards on school grounds is necessary. Individuals that are not familiar with firearms are often not comfortable with handling the weapon, but trained persons with the specific skills is our nations best hope for protecting students of all aged across the country. The idea of having teachers be able to carry concealed may not be the best idea in this matter because they are too close to the children. By this I mean that if something were to happen to a child, a teacher could and may feel responsible for their death. The armed guard would be placed by the government to only act as a deterrent against violence, and to protect students if the situation arises, this is important because the guard can remain at a distance from the students and his emotions will not get in the way of the job that he has to do. For example “1. To work as an armed guard in New York State, you will need to take an approved NYS Forty-Seven (47) hour firearms course. 2. Once you have the armed guard license you will need to take an Eight Hour Annual In-Service Training Course for Armed Guards each year.” (Division of Criminal Justice NY) Training some one to become an armed guard is the best idea in arming schools because they will be tested for the right skills and placed by the government and with the right knowledge and experience the trained armed guards will know what to do in a situation where an intruder came on campus. Schools have many different ways that they should protect the people that attend; however, the amounts of recent shootings are a sign that many different types of schools are not protecting their students the way that they should. On any given day, anybody can walk onto school grounds and not be asked for any form of identification. Although there are normally teachers and security guards walking around on campus, they do not always ask foreign parties what business they have on campus. There are many things that the school system itself can do to prevent things, like shootings and mass murders, from happening; however at this point in time the current precautions being taken are not enough. Since the last sixteen shootings that have taken place in 2012, the National Riffle Association is being pushed to some kind of action to demonstrate that they understand the severity of the current issues. The executive vice president of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, believes that "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."(LaPierre) LaPierre believes that they...
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