Lets Really Reform Our Schools

Topics: High school, Education, Need Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: October 13, 2011
In Anita Garland’s essay “Let’s Really Reform Our Schools” She talks about how our schools need some changes. Some of these changes are to stop forcing kids who don’t enjoy going to school to go to school, how there should be school uniforms, and how there should be healthier foods in the cafeteria. Also how after school activities should be more educational instead of being focused on competition betweens others and being distracted by the cheerleaders, and also about how the prom should be cut.             Anita Garland in her essay “Let’s Really Reform Our Schools” talks about what is needed to be done to better our schools and make them a safer learning environment. As a first year college student who just graduated from high school and can remember what it was like to go to school every day, I would have to agree with Garland’s opinions on what needs to be changed.  

            The first thing Garland says that needs to be fixed is making kids go to school who don’t want to be there in first place so they make it hard for others to learn. What is the point of making them go to school, it is their lives they are screwing up, they will be the ones who regret their decisions later on in the future. () Girls wearing the miniskirts that flare up when they walk up the stairs and you see their butts because they decided to wear thongs; wearing low-cut pants that make parts of their anatomy hang out. The low-cut
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