Topics: Bread, Metro Manila, Beef Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: September 28, 2011
Case #1

“Promotion Seeker”


Wong Chow House started as a noodle restaurant. Its specialty is “Beef Mami”. After studying restaurant management, the managing director of Wong Chow House decided to expand the business into a chain of restaurants. After attending a seminar, an executive development at the Narte Management and Research Centre M.T Wong also succeeded to establish a flight kitchen that serves practically all airlines which call at Manila under long term catering contracts. The late Mr. C. Buyas was the supervisor of the Flight Kitchen until his unexpected death. Mr. Wong’s visitor turned out to be Henry Victory. Who had worked for quite some time in the flight kitchen under Mr. C. Buyas? Henry Victory’s work had always been very satisfactory. The open face sandwiches which prepared and his roast beef with candied sweet potato were highly praised by airline passengers. Henry could do more work in less time than his companions and always offered to help the others as soon as he had finished his own assignment. However, although his performance evaluation reports were always commendatory, Henry seemed not to have gotten along very well with the late Mr. C. Buyas, it is because he was always criticizing the methods and suggesting his own ways were better. Henry said to Mr. Wong that he wanted a promotion because Henry knew that no one in Wong Chow has a track record better than him. After Henry left the office the managing director began thinking about what had transpired. Henry had the potential for the position of being the supervisor. As quality and cost control were very important, there was no question that Henry was technically qualified for the job, but it worried Mr. Wong that the late Mr. C. Buyas a man Mr. Wong greatly admired and considered a close associate; had a story dislike for Henry. The managing director also heard that Henry’s fellow workers resented Henry’s attitude and who would prepare sandwiches and roast beef if...
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