Let Us Move on from Pre-Occupation with Whether the Law Should Enforce Morality by Accepting That the Law Does, and Should Depend on Moral Values".

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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"Let us move on from pre-occupation with whether the law should enforce morality by accepting that the law does, and should depend on moral values". Discuss

The answer:
Well, since the Law at a very simple sense is defined as the set of rules that regulate human conduct within a society, it should include, reflect & enforce some of morals to" a certain extent " as morals seek perfection in human conduct .However, Law should not be fully depend on morals due to the fact that plenty of human acts is found immoral while it is not illegal. For instance, adultery is immoral but it not part of English criminal law; on the other hand, parking a motor car on double yellow lines is illegal but not morally offensive. However, as law exists to achieve justice and regulate human being conduct while morals are there in a trial to achieve the perfect society, both are coincide in many circumstances and there is no doubt that law had been affected by and based on morals , for instance , English Law had based on Christianity in some of its Acts. If we are to believe that Morals and Laws should not be fully unified and law should not enforce and reflect morals comprehensively, that is, then, due to one fact: as morals differ from one religion to another, it will be difficult to have a unified law system based on morals due diversity in people's beliefs and religions and the said system then will not be acceptable by society.

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