Let the Great World Spin

Topics: Tightrope walking, Slacklining, White House Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: May 1, 2012
The novel Let The Great World Spin is revolved around how this is one small world. It shows how one person is linked to another and it goes on like a chain reaction. In some form or another we all know each other in this world, counties, states, and cities. In this novel, all the characters are drawn so close to one another without them even realizing it. The web that holds them together is New York, Judge Soderberg and the tightrope walker.

This novel has two important characters that begin the connection to the rest of the other characters. The first one is Judge Soderberg, he is the judge that reviews the cases of the prostitutes Jazzyln and Tillie and as well as the tight rope walkers case. The prostitutes involve a man named Corrigan who looks after them a lot. He has an older brother named Ciaran and he begins to like a woman named Lara who was involved in the cause of Corrigan and Jazzy's death. Mr. Soderberg is Claire’s husband and Claire has her own story in this book, which is Miro Miro on The Wall. This story is mostly about her being in a woman’s group for those who have lost their sons in the war.

Through out her story Mr.Soderberg is mentioned a few times. He is the key that begins the connection between all these characters. A woman named Marcia that’s attending the group is one of the witnesses of the tightrope walker. She comes into the room gasping for air. Marica then admits to what she saw. “It’s a guy, says Marcia, on a tightrope. I mean, I didn’t know it right away, I didn’t figure it out just like that, but what it is, there’s a guy on a tightrope.” (Pg.94) Gloria, the woman that was helping Marcia to calm down adopted Jazzlyn’s children, which were Tillie’s grandbabies.

Each story in this novel takes place in New York especially in the of Bronx. Through out this whole book, the only characters that are not really involved in any other characters life would be the story of Etherwest which is about the hackers and Tag, the story...
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