Let the Great World Spin

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Xiaolei Fang (Ivy) Fang 1

Professor Larry Rubin


19 Oct 2012

The Interconnectedness Of Characters Of ''Let The Great World Spin''

''Let The Great World Spin'' is a portrait of New York City. Spanning races and

classes, it's a tribute to the city's diversity, rich and history. "The city lived in a sort of

everyday present....New York kept going forward precisely because it didn't give a

good goddamn about what it had left behind." This is what McCann tells us through

his characters. And then later, "(The tightrope walker) had made himself a statue, but

a perfect New York one, a temporary one, up in the air, high above the city. A statue

that had no regard for the past." For that reason, Petit's walk was a "stroke of genius."

The cable of Philippe Petit links many different stories. The story have more than one

narrator, different voices intertwine, let the reader see a rare "exchange", see that ditch

rather than through the parallel line, screwed to together. McCann show that although

New York is a diversification of modern metropolis, there is true love in this city.

The amour between Corrigan and Adelita illustrate that love has infinite power

that can conquer everything, including religious beliefs and moral constraints.

Corrigan, who is a young Irish monk who has given his life over to doing what he

tells his mother is “God’s work” to rescue the world from poverty and injustice. He

has a self-styled liberation-theology model is that ''Christ never rejected the world. If

He had rejected it, He would have rejected mystery and in that, rejecting faith.'' After

Fang 2

he leaves Ireland, he struggles with his own demons as he lives among the prostitutes

in the middle of the Bronx. Corrigan is a monk sworn to celibacy, but everything

changed after he meets Adelita, who is the grand passion of his brief life. After his

first sex with her, he feels ravel due to the contradiction between his beliefs to the god

and his love of Adelita. With every touch or kiss that Corrigan and Adelita

shared, Corrigan meets with a feeling of guilt and joy all at the same time.

He needs to make a intractable choices between God and Adelita, so he leaves

Mantauk ''to find God'', he is afraid of losing his connection to his God, however, at

the same time he can't stop thinking Adelita, he can't stop her touch, her face, her

neck... Although he never abandon the God, he really cares about Adelita, he can not

give up her. He is bound by his religion yet he can not deny himself the love that he

feeling for Adelita. He can never balance his beliefs in God and his love to Adelita.

His beliefs can never makes he forget Adelita, he can't change back to the way he

Used to be, he is not a devout Christian anymore. So we can see that love has no

boundary line.

The relationship between Lara and Ciaran show that love can help someone find

Themselves. When Lara and Ciaran make their way to the bar after Jazzlyn's funeral

there seems to be a spark between the two and they get to talking about John. "...he

made people become what they didn't think they could become." This really

inspires me especially as a young adult because as humans grow and mature everyone

is trying to find out who they are and where they belong. "There is, I think, a fear of

Fang 3

love. There is a fear of love." This quote hits home with Lara because Blaine is all she

knew for a long time and thenCiaran became a huge part of her life. From the tragic

day Corrigan was killed in the car wreck until the day Lara dies Ciaran will be part of

her life because Lara can never let go of the guilt she carries. Lara is acting like a

woman in love...
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