Let Obstacles Become Your Great Adventures

Topics: Marriage, Husband, The Retreat Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: July 31, 2012
UNIT 5: Video Production
Duration: 5 Minutes
Client: Dusuntara
Title: Let Obstacles Become Your Great Adventures
By: Amarpall Singh Claire


THE SETTING: A little-known nature retreat called Dusuntara located in Batang Kali at the foothills of Genting Highlands within the borders of the state of Selangor, Malaysia. The retreat is a 20-minute 4x4 trek away from the main road that traverses through an oil palm estate and a tropical jungle.

THE OVERVIEW: Dusuntara Jungle Retreat is a weekend-gateway paradise for urban dwellers who need a break from their mundane routines in a city chock-a-block with traffic, urbanisation and fast-paced living.

Surrounded by lush greenery and nature’s fence, the various amenities such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, barbeque pits, fishing ponds and comfortable villas exudes oneness with nature while being able to enjoy luxurious fittings and the pampering you deserve.

The owners of this remarkable story are Kamal and Hawa, an enterprising Malaysian couple, whom after living in Australia for a couple of years tried to replicate what Australians love most in a Malaysian setting, leading to the birth of Dusuntara

THE AIM: To share the Dusuntara story to the world, how the husband and wife team against all odds, even with their world crumbling around them managed to pull through and make their dream home and ambition come true through sheer determination.

This video is produced via a storytelling technique, whereby we get Kamal to talk about himself, his past, his ambition and how he managed to get the Dusuntara dream brought to life. This is followed by beautifully taken pan and zoom shots of the retreat and its surroundings.

The video ends with encouragement by Kamal on how dreams can come true:

Have a purpose-driven life, and finish well, my friends. If you have to fall, fall like a seed to germinate, unlike a leaf to die.

THE PRODUCTION: The video starts off with the video title super “Let...
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