Let Me Go

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, Schutzstaffel Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: December 3, 2012
‘Let Me Go’ is a story that shows Helga and her mom being reunited after thirty years apart. The story looks back on Helga, and her moms past and their thoughts about the war and each other. Helga’s mother left her and her brother with their father during World War II so that she could become an SS officer. Helga’s own mother chose to leave her children during the hard times of World War II so that she could so that she could be a part of the extermination of around six million Jews., the people her mother had called “Jewish scum.” No one made her make that decision, she decided that it would be the right thing to do even if that meant leaving her children for a very long time. Can a child continue to love her mother after becoming aware of her participation in the execution of the Jews? Helga Schneider was a young girl living in Berlin during World War II. When Helga was just four years old her mother abandoned her, her brother, and her husband so that she could be an SS officer. When their mother left they would not see each other again for decades. During the years her mother had been an SS guard she worked at Auschwitz, and Birkenau. While there she helped the doctors in the elimination of the Jews. For a while after Helga’s mother left her and her brother lived with their aunt Marguerite. Not to long after that her father remarried to a woman named Ursula. Helga’s father’s intention of getting remarried was so that the kids could have a mother, but it doesn’t work out as well as he had expected. Helga’s stepmother didn’t like Helga very much, but adored her brother. This foreshadows later in the story when Helga ends up in foster care discarded by her stepmother. In the 1970’s Helga met with her mother for the first time in decades only to reveal that her mother still has no regrets about her contribution to the Holocaust. After that meeting in the 1970 Helga wanted nothing to do with her mother again for decades. Needless to say that she was going to meet...
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