Let It Snow

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“Let It Snow” Evaluation

David Sedaris’ essay, “Let It Snow” is a reflection of Sedaris’ past. A single day from his childhood in North Carolina where Sedaris and his siblings were home due to school being closed for few days because of bad weather. The story reflects solely on the relationship that Sedaris’ mother had with him and his sisters, and how it was affected by her drinking problem. Although the story revolved around the children the mother was the main character.

The mother in the story is very strict sounding and harsh. Yelling “Get the hell out of my house” (Quoted in Sedaris 89) to the children is supporting proof. She seemed to be an “in the closet” alcoholic who couldn’t control her stress and emotions. It’s easy to say that when she was out of her comfort zone she didn’t care about anyone but herself and her “habit”. She might have had serious issues which Sedaris didn’t mention. Or maybe she just was not used to being around her children that much during the week? Either way she lost her cool and kicked the children out in a manner that Sedaris called it an “eviction” (Quoted in Sedaris 89). The children (Amy, David, Gretchen, and Tiffany) didn’t believe she was serious until she wouldn’t let them back in.

No one wants to be locked out of their home at any time of their life. Sedaris’ essay supports this statement in a few ways. It was very clear that the mother didn’t want the children in the house due to being stressed at that moment in time. The children didn’t believe their mother would go to the extreme of not letting them back in after an extended period of time. The children knocked on the door, threw snowballs, and the mother still didn’t let them back in. This shows that she really had some issues that needed to be addressed instead of drinking alcohol and coffee. What was the mother’s real purpose of locking her children out? Sedaris’ felt that her alone time was disrupted by having him and his siblings home. He states...
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