Let Go of My Play Dough: Paid Athletes

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Char’zekiah Blackmon
Jonathan Smith
EN 1103-57
19 November 2012
Let Go of my Play Dough: Paid Athletes
Athletes everywhere are battling for an opportunity to play as college athletes. Many college athletes are awarded with scholarships and opening tryouts to grant a better chance in becoming a college athlete. Because of athletes are being awarded with scholarships, they are limited with pocket funding. College athletes should get paid due to the amount of work they put in everyday, the amount of money they bring to the universities and even community colleges, and the time they have include to balance school work and remain a certain GPA. First, college athletes should get paid due to the amount of work they put in everyday. I think it is more than fair to award hard work. College sports are basically jobs to college athletes. They have to work out at certain times, put in certain amount of hours for practice and are expected to exceed the requirement just like a regular job. The pressure in succeeding every requirement for them is an everyday thing. The same as a real job, the pressure of doing better and working hard is expected from your boss just as it is with their coaches. College athletes do not get to have a real job. Their schedules are to full to the point where they will be way too busy to even have room for a part time job. I think if they put all their time in their sports for the university or community college and they cannot get a job to get money in their pocket, or to pay off bills, they should get paid to play for the university or community college.

Second, college athletes should get paid because of the amount of money they bring to the school overall. All the departments are funded by money that sponsors and even alumnus send in for that particular sport. Every year, sports altogether brings in a lump sum of money to the school, but the athletes do not get the privilege to receive any. I think each department should award their...
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